Time is money

I’ll turn your project round as quickly as professionally possible.

Please have a deadline in mind, remembering that particularly for copyediting and copywritingwork you’ll need time for review and possibly edits.

I’m always happy to undertake ‘I need it yesterday!’ projects wherever humanly possible.

Fees vary from project to project depending on how long the work is likely to take.

For instance, is your proofreading requirement straightforward text, or does it include graphs and tables? If you need text created from more than one document this will take longer than using one source.

I usually work to an hourly rate, but can calculate a day rate or project fee for larger or more long-term projects.

Rest assured, I’ll work as quickly as is professionally possible, so that you’re happy with the cost as well as the results.

My rates range from £28 to £35 per hour. What you get for an hour is a little more difficult to quantify. Pages that include tables and charts, or a lot of notation will take longer to edit than simple text.

Likewise, copyediting and copywriting fees will vary from project to project. 

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