Happy clients

I just wanted to say how amazing you are, every person has commented on your professionalism and friendliness, I never imagined having such amazing individuals helping on this journey. So, thank you so much.

Shelley Wood – Active City UK

“Having worked with Kate on the central editorial team at the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games, it was easy to call on her expertise on behalf of Amp Media following that event.

Amp’s prominent clients in the sports world demand the highest editorial standards and attention to detail. Kate’s diligent work helps Amp Media to comfortably meet those standards.

Kate is well-informed, professional and passionate about delivering a quality service, and I highly recommend her.”

Paul Parry – Amp Media

“Kate was a fantastic addition to the Wimbledon editorial team this year, both before the event in her assistance on the official programme and during on Wimbledon.com.

Her attention to detail and enthusiasm and understanding of the often unpredictable nature of a global sports event made her an invaluable asset.”

Alexandra Willis – AELTC

“Kate (who I call Queen of the Grammar), has worked with me for seven years.

As a dyslexic adult, I find Kate’s services invaluable. Kate, proofreads most of my work that I write. She is sensitive to my work and keeps my voice centre to any suggestions that she makes.

Kate is able to check full articles and even short sentences for me and nothing is never an issue. I have shared Kates details with others, even though they are not dyslexic or have a learning challenge, they still value and respect her expertise within the umbrella of English language.

I would 100% recommend the Queen of Grammar, Kate.”

Laura Henry-Allain MBE, award-winning global speaker, writer and consultant

“I  worked with Kate during a recent launch of my new website and our collaboration was an absolute delight. Kate did copyediting and proofreading for the majority of the text on the new miannah.com site and I was blown away by the quality of her work as well as the speed and efficiency she works with.

Kate was extremely professional and reliable at every stage of the project – despite a tight deadline she delivered everything on time and the quality of her work was second to none.

She was perfect at managing the fine line between ensuring content flow and keeping my own tone of voice. Her comments were always spot-on and I felt she really made the effort to understand the subject matter and turn sometimes complex concepts into a simpler, readable copy that a reader can relate to.

I recommend Kate to anyone who is looking for a professional, highly skilled and approachable editor, proofreader and copywriter.”

Anna Knapik – Miannah

“Kate has reviewed thousands of pages of dry, ultra-technical legal text for us. She is careful, punctual, and was able to quickly familiarize herself with an unfamiliar subject matter, offering high-quality edits and suggestions. Highly recommended.”

Director, Sanctions Inc.

“I needed somebody who can edit my blog posts before I send them out and I found just the right person in Kate. Her replies are prompt and reliable. She finds the perfect balance between keeping my voice as well as changing it enough for it to flow. I can highly recommend Kate.”

Christine Dawood – Next Step Now

“It’s always difficult to write a testimonial or reference for someone, especially when that someone is the person you would rely on to check and write your copy for you! The difficulty is trying to express how valued and talented that person is and how you would recommend them to others.

Kate is all of the above, but so much more! I have worked with Kate for a number of years as we have mutual clients, and also I use her services myself as I absolutely trust her to get things just right – and she always delivers.

A quick email with the text I need checking or a quick call to advise on the copy that I need writing, and I can always be confident in the end result from Kate. I find her to be responsive to my needs and requirements, efficient in her responses and the quality of her work for me and our mutual clients is second to none.

I would highly recommend Kate for her work, her ethics and for being Kate!”

Juls Davies – EY Matters

“I’m likening Kate’s style with today’s responsive design approach in web creation – flexible and quick to respond. Kate has the skill to communicate complex ideas with ease. She has been able to transform our technical lingo in clear and straightforward copy.”

Rosario-Peachy Lomeda – Amadeus, Travel Agency Marketing

“Kate’s worked on several projects for us and we’ve always been delighted with her professional approach, friendly manner and the quality of her work. We’ll definitely use her again.”

Shelly Beresford – ABTA

“I really enjoyed working with Kate, who is personable, hard-working and quick to grasp what’s needed. She was able to turn my corporate language into interesting, readable web text. She worked to all deadlines and offered helpful and timely advice.”

Federica Bresciani – FB Revenue and Distribution

“Kate has done some excellent copyediting on support materials targeted at our certification clients, where she’s crafted them so they are easily understood by non-specialist audiences. I’m very pleased with her work and have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Fiona Humphries – Travelife Ltd.

“I’ve worked with Kate across different projects since 2011 and am happy to recommend her services.”

Lauren Finger – Atlantic Books

“Kate has worked several times with UNICEF and more recently on the review for the London 2012 legacy programme ‘International Inspiration’. Kate is very professional and efficient and I’ve always been very impressed at how quickly she can process information and produce quality work.”

Hannah Ewing – UNICEF UK

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