Getting the text for your website or project just as you want it can be tricky for anyone, and even more so if English isn't your first language. 

Sometimes you know what you want to say, but it doesn't sound quite right, or you've got so bogged down in creating it that you can't see the sense for the words. 

Whether you've got a few notes and bullet points that need pulling together, have something rough that could do with some tweaking or feel you're pretty much ready to go and need another pair of eyes, I'm here to help. 


Let's start from the beginning...

You need text from scratch
or new text from a
variety of source documents



Well on the way...

Your text is basically there,
but maybe just needs a bit of a polish



The final push!

Your text is ready to go, but you need a
‘fresh pair of eyes’ to give it a final once-over


Please take a look through my site to get more of a feel for what I do and email me at kate@kateclarkwords.com if you'd like to discuss a project.